INGRV 005: “A Guy Named Joe Leavy”

Welcome to the #1 resource for the Music Industry’s INSIDE secrets!  We take our listeners on “The INSIDE Groove” of Record Labels,  Radio Personalities, Publishing, Touring secrets, and so much more. The INSIDE Groove also features Spotlight Interviews on Established Artist, as well as rising Indie Artist, DJ’s, Producers, and Legendary Artist Features.  It’s our pleasure each week to inform you about the ever changing Music Business in a fun, and entertaining way!

On this Episode, we are Spotlighting one of the top rising Indie Stars in the Smooth Jazz and Smooth Soul markets……Mr. Joe Leavy,  and his Charting new release “A Guy Named Joe Leavy”!!  Tonight, we’ll go on “The INSIDE Groove” with Joe and discuss:

  • Joe’s Early years in music 
  • His 10 year experience in Japan, and how it re-shaped his life.
  • Joe’s extreme devotion to his music, and the uniquely blended family that inspires it.
  • The life long dream that has actually come true with “A Guy Named Joe Leavy”
  • Joe’s deep insight on the plight of a rising Independent star.

Links from the broadcast: