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Please feel free to comment anywhere in the song as this lets me know how you’re feeling and gives me great feedback that I’m using to develop songs in my Sophomore project entitledUNCOVERED.  It’s dropping in January, 2014 and I’m listening to your ideas.
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Callin is a song that was inspired by my relationship with my daughter.  In times of relational disconnect,  we have to keep pursuing the ones we love. Callin out to them is a reminder of the depth & patience of our love,  and it says very loudly…….I’M SORRY!

Staywas written with a beautiful theme in mind, and that is…….some of the most intimate moments in life have nothing to do with sex.  Intimacy involves an organ that bleeds… involves an organ that needs.

Back 2 Smoothemphasizes the need we all have to pay closer attention to our relationships,  and strive not to allow loving THINGS,  get in the way of Loving people!

The Mirror of Your Heart”  Is where you find the reflection of your inner-self.  Let that reflection give you your new direction!

Changin My Tone” is the story of what can happen to a woman when we don’t use a sensitve calm tone of voice.  We close them off, push them away, & destroy intimacy.

I Belong To Youwas an interesting choice of song for this project.  Written by Peter Black & Brian McKnight,  it’s my oldest daughter’s favorite.  As the most sensual song on the project, I decided to cover it in dedication to her beautiful new Marriage.

Teach Me Tonightis the second cover song on the project.  I have a deep love for classic Jazz and this is truly on of my favorites.  Written by the legendary Sammy Cahn, the song has been recorded by countless greats, a true indication of its status as a classic

Your Love is What I Need” –  That’s the cry of a man looking for nothing more than the love he received from his woman on day #1.  Not money, not power, just pure LOVE.

Godstrong!!!  It’s the call to recognize the source of true power.  In our own strength, we can do nothing.  In God’s strength working through us, we can do ALL Things!!

Gotta Believebecause that’s the starting place of anything good, or anything successful.  Believe in God, believe in yourself, and believe in his vision for your life!!

Heaven is a tribute song to all who have lost someone close,  and maintain the hope that one day they will be re-united.  In the meanwhile, we can adopt the good traits of that person into our own lives.  There’s no greater way to honor them than that!

Back 2 Smooth – Lounge Mix”  the laid back version of the hit single.