Filmed in the Montemarte District of Paris, the “Back 2 Smooth” video tells a romantic story of a man willing to pull out all the stops to get a relationship back on track!! My wife and I had an amazing time filming this video,  and we’re reminded daily to continue focusing on the little things that keep a relationship strong.  hopefully you’ll be inspired to do the same…………”Complacency is the great destroyer of passion”

Here’s a sweet vid of my prize fighting daughter…..well actually she’s a prize-fighting Hip-Hop Artist named “Infinite Wiz” who just happens to be my daughter portraying a boxer in her Debut video “Shorty Real Anthem“.   The beauty of this video is that we ended up shooting it to help my wife get her mind off of the despair she felt from burying her precious mom.  We had buried mom on a Saturday, and Sunday I simply said ” hey lets go to South Beach to get out the house a bit”, hoping her deep sorrow could be diverted.  I also said ” might as well grab the T2i and film a bit” thinking it would be a shame to not capture some beautiful beach footage.  One thing led to another, and before you knew it, we were filming an awesome music video ON THE FLY!!   It worked because my wife got involved with the video concept and helped us visually capture a positive female rapper having street credibility, while retaining a dignified Artistic persona.  PRICELESS!!!!