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meet Les

From Tragedy to Triumph, Les Dion has risen from the ashes of Disaster to bring forth one of the Smoothest, Jazziest R&B records in decades! “Back 2 Smooth” is the incredibly inspiring result of an amazing 40 year life story told through the songs of an extraordinary Artist.  The “Back 2 Smooth” Project delivers that 40 year story eloquently, at times tearfully, but always in a unique Jazzy/Soul  groove that is distinctly Les Dion.

From Label deals at 12 years old with All-Platinum/ SugarHill Record’s Hiphop mogul Sylvia Robinson, to world tour appearances with New Edition, and Earth Wind and Fire, Les Dion has prepared for this moment a lifetime. Through the 70’sand 80’s, he persued musical success relentlessly, even forsaking multiple Pre-Med Scholarships and, a stellar six year Military Tour of Duty. “The only thing more elusive than a successful Music Career may have been Bin Laden”, jokes Les, but the battle to maintain Musical focus throughout his amazing journey has been no joke at all.

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Upon coming to terms with the disappointing realities of the Record Business in 1989, Les Dion settled into family life with a new wife, determined to raise a family of seven honorably. The family responsibilities somehow never overshadowed the burning drive to write and record the story of his amazing life. From the victory of a gruelling 10 year Leukemia battle faced by his courageous wife, to the crushing blow of burying his two 20 year old sons, the challenges have been both enormous and relentless. “Raising five children was a daunting task, but burying my precious sons 2 years apart was just pure hell”, proclaims Les, but as the tragedies mounted, so did the songs.

After Producing and Recording multiple Contemporary Christian Albums on his JJireh Records Label from 1996-2003, the music industry realities continued to thwart every effort. With no Major Label affiliation, distributors and radio personalities were simply not interested in dealing with Independent Artist. Depleted of energy and drive after his second son’s death, Les had begun to lose hope in ever having any real success in music but, by God’s grace, 2006- 2012 brought dramatic change. ” I had time away from work to heal emotionally, and of course we all know how dramatically the Music Industry began to change with the rise of Bitorrents, Youtube, Facebook, and internet Radio. An Artist like myself who had been independent for decades suddenly had all the tools that were once only availabe to the Major Labels”. Tools to publish, distribute, promote, and Air on radio worldwide!! Les Dion’s musical vision suddenly had new hope.  “The road has been long and steep but if my songs can help people improve their relationships with each other and more importantly, improve themselves, then I will have succeeded and, my tragic losses will not have been in vain”.

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“Back 2 Smooth” is the vehicle that delivers this soul felt message to a worldwide audience. The project is an ambient musical blend of smooth Jazz meeting old school R&B. Drenched in warm emotions, and syncopated rhythms, it is sure to please musical pallets of all kinds. No matter where your genre preferences lie, “Back 2 Smooth” brings a melodic delight of Jazz shades and R&B hues that will find you humming, dancing, thinking, and escaping from the worries of life. From the soothing melodies in the title track and 1st Single “Back 2 Smooth”, to the Jazzy rhythms of “Love is What I Need”, the insightful harmonic flow never looses its velvety touch. The scatty

syncopated feel of “Getaway”, is subtly complimented with the beautiful falsetto cries of “Stay”. ” I even got a chance to record the classic “Teach Me Tonight” by the great Sammy Cahn”! The silky flow of “Back 2 Smooth” makes it Les’s favorite ( with the great Patrick McDonald on guitar), but the raw emotional message of “Heaven” may be the most powerful recording on the Album. “Heaven was the easiest song I’ve ever written lyrically because of the pain from my family lose, yet it was by far the most difficult song I’ve ever recorded”. “Callin” and “Godstrong” are also special songs for me as they’re dedicated to my daughter and son.

Les Dion has created and is now delivering “the Album of a lifetime” precisely the way he has always wanted through his music and film companies Entrascope Music Group & LD Films.  Raising the bar of R&B from Sex to SUBSTANCE Be sure to experience the Quintuple threat that is Les Dion; singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and music executive, with his highly anticipated new release….. “Back 2 Smooth”…..the culmination of where this multi-talented Artist has been, and where he is destined to go.



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